SDB 137 – That Happy Feeling Hoedown [Original Artist Bert Kaempfert]

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SDB 137 – That Happy Feeling Hoedown [Original Artist Bert Kaempfert]
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SDBob Recordings has a new hoedown based on the classic instrumental song “That Happy Feeling” made popular by Bert Kaempfert.

Hopefully this will take you and your dancers back to “That Happy Feeling” we have all been missing of Square Dancing!

“That Happy Feeling” was an instrumental pop music single recorded by Bert Kaempfert on March 16, 1962 and featured as the second cut on his album A Swingin’ Safari. That song and the title track were among the first pop instrumentals to incorporate elements of South African music. It is also the title track of what is virtually the same album as the German A Swingin’ Safari, issued under a different name in America. The song was composed by Ghanaian musician Guy Warren in 1956 under the original title “An African’s Prayer (Eyi Wala Dong)”.

Although Kaempfert’s recording of the tune only peaked at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when issued as a single in 1962, its upbeat style, flute/marimba melody line and trumpet/trombone arpeggios combined with a full string section, a brass section, hand claps, guitars, and chorus helped it to become a staple of beautiful music radio.

This song was suggested by SDBob Recordings staff caller Art Lavigne.

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