SDB 134 – Summer My Time of Year (Instrumental)

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SDB 134 – Summer My Time of Year (Instrumental)
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Our release this month is a song I have wanted to do for a long time but it never come through.

“Summer” is a song by the band War, recorded on 4 April 1976 and released on 21 June 1976, midsummer’s day, as a single from their Greatest Hits album in 1976. “Summer” peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart and number four on the R&B chart. The track peaked at number one on the Easy Listening chart and was one of three entries to make the chart.

War is an American funk band from Long Beach, California, known for several hit songs. Formed in 1969, War is a musical crossover band that fuses elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin, rhythm and blues, and reggae.

We are excited the have a special guest caller providing the vocals for this tune. Tony Oxendine does an amazing job with this fun and very recognizable song. I’m sure like many callers Tony has been an inspiration to me as a caller and music producer.

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