SDB 101 – You’re in my Heart [Original Artist – Rod Stewart]

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SDB 101 – You’re in my Heart [Original Artist – Rod Stewart]
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“You’re in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)” is a song written and recorded by Rod Stewart for his 1977 album Foot Loose & Fancy Free. The song proved a popular single, reaching the top ten of many national charts, including number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and #1 for one week in Australia.

The lyrics mention two of Stewart’s favorite football teams in the phrase “Celtic, United”. The inner sleeve to the album Foot Loose & Fancy Free also pictures artwork with the names Glasgow Celtic and Manchester United drifting out of a car stereo. Rod Stewart wrote the lyrics as a tribute to his then-former girlfriend, Britt Eklund.

SDB 101A – You’re in my Heart Version 1

SDB 101B – You’re In My Heart Version 2

Package includes two versions. One where you can sing more of the song which has Sides Face Grand Square on Opener, Middle Break, and Closer. The second version highlights the chorus on the Middle Break and Closer.

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