SDB 116 - Not There Yet Andy Allemao     

Tempo 126 BPM Key of B



Circle Left

I don't wanna work anymore
I just wanna live instead

Men Star Right, roll it one time tonight

Allemande Left Weave the Ring

You wind it in and out and go

You swing your girl and all Promeno

Everyone is saying I'm all grown up
I've come a long way but I'm not there yet

Figure 1 & 2:


Heads/Sides Promenade Halfway around and then

Come down the middle pass the Ocean my friend

Extend and Swing Thru

Boys Trade Boys Run Right Bend the Line tonight

Square thru 3 hands around you do

Swing that girl and Promenade her too
You gotta hit rock bottom if you wanna come out on top


*You gotta run real far before you ever feel close to home

Tag:  Walk Around Your Corner come back Swing your own

Come a long way but I'm not there yet