SDB 107 - "Crash and Burn"


4 measure Intro


Opener:                Sides Face Grand Square

So I guess it's over baby, Déjà vu again

Who'd have thought that time don't stop

And somehow girl, Allemande & Weave (the world keeps spinning)

I guess I've turned myself into a solitary man

Ain't like I'm the only one, that's in the shoes that I am



Heads/Sides Promenade halfway round

Down the middle Square Thru go Four

All the way and do the Right And Left Thru - Veer To The Left - Ferris Wheel

Centers Square Thru Three Hands around - Swing and Promenade 

Some guys can't have all the luck, if others don't *sing sad songs    *SFGS


Middle Break & Closer:           Sides Face Grand Square

Do you hear that, I'm right back

At the sound of lonely calling

Do you hear that, It's where I'm at

It's the sound of Allemande and Weave (teardrops falling)... down, down

A slamming door and a lesson learned, I let another lover crash and burn


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