SDB 115 – Dead Puppies [Original Artist Ogden Edsl]

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SDB 115 – Dead Puppies [Original Artist Ogden Edsl]
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Prepare yourself for one of the strangest Square Dance songs you will ever hear.

Debuted at the 2017 National Square Dance Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio to the Youth in an after party sponsored by SDBob Recordings. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did. In fact the youth named their Square Dance Competition team “Dead Puppies” and won Bronze.

Ogden Edsl (shortened from “The Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band”) was an American band, formed in 1970 in Omaha, Nebraska, by Bill Frenzer, Bill Carey and Otis XII. Their music was often darkly comedic and satirical, and was frequently featured on Dr. Demento’s weekly radio program. For a long period of time, Ogden Edsl’s “Dead Puppies” was the most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show, and remains the only song to ever hit number one on the annual “Funny 25” countdown two years in a row (1982 and 1983). Ogden Edsl was inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame on 27 October 2001 at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, and performed one last time before a hometown crowd.

There are two versions of the instrumental, the second has a key change on the closer.

No puppies were harmed in the making of this Square Dance song!

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